At this time you are probably wondering what I am trying to say…well it is just a couple from UK with an immeasurable love for Cuban culture.  This so cool Miami Wedding couple and me created this so intimate wedding via Skype and text; thank God for technology. We chose for this event the beautiful hotel in Miami Beach ‘The Palms”; a hotel with a very latin flavor. They had a guitarist playing at their ceremony and cocktail hour both at the same Palms hotel, a very cuban “Guajiro” rolling cigars with their own custom ring and boxes to take to UK as souvenir, centerpieces with real coffee beans, created by our Miami wedding flower team, coffee candy bags made out of burlap fabric, well-known among Cubans as “tela de saco”.

The reception was immediately after at no other than Yuca in Lincoln Rd. Customized drinks with special glasses to fit the style of each drink, cupcakes and a very high-end food made this event a total success!

Other vendors where: Sandra and D from Marcelin Photography and Rosy Cheeks makeup and hair.


The Palms Birds 

Cake Topper