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bridal beauty and health


Bridal makeup and hair


How did women become so involved with makeup and hair?  This is a question that every women has asked herself at least once in her lifetime.  Well the truth is that it hasn’t always been like that.  In the late 1700’s it was more about hair and not even your own hair.  Believe it or not having a wig was the way to go.  Women and men adorned their head with wigs and arranged curling coils on the top and side of their heads.  As the 18th century came to a close everything Roman became desired, and simplicity and freshly washed hair was thought to be attractive.
Women in the 19th Century wanted to be looked at as fragile and delicate.  Women often wanted to be compared to gentile flowers and desired to emphasize their femininity.  A women with pale skin during this time was looked at as a wealthy women who had no need to do any hard labor in the outdoors.  Paleness was induced by drinking vinegar and avoiding fresh air.  Ladies sometimes secretly used a little bit of rouge on their cheeks, but makeup was frowned upon during the 1870’s when etiquette was at one its more rigid points.  During this time it was thought that a women’s crowning glory was her hair.  Hardly ever cut and even supplemented with false hair. 
 In the 20th century the old attitude to makeup was forgotten and it was sold openly. With rising living standards women could afford more and more cosmetics and they of course loved it.  Today things are very different.  Women in today’s world wear everything from feathers on their heads to glitter on their eyes lids and anything and everything is acceptable.  We select our own style to depict who we are and what we want to represent..

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Airbrush makeup for bride and bridesmaids

A little about our Makeup and Hair specialist!

At the age of 8 Rosy had already reached the height of 5'7 and was taller thanher 3rd grade teacher...imagine that...by the time she was 11 years old she was nearly 5'9 and was the tallest kid in school.  Needless to say it wasn't very hard for mom to spot her out of the typhoon of children running out of the school when the bell rang at 2:30pm.She was often confused for a middle/high school student.  So when it came time to going out with her parents they soon realized that even though they wanted their little 11 year old baby girl to wear pretty pink puffy dresses with pig tails and bows that it just was not going to work with her.  Her outfits became more like those of a teenager and her mom introduced her to the world of BLUSH! Like any girl she was in heaven the day her parents decided to give her rosy cheeks.  It was during the holiday season, when on her way out the door with her parents, her father took a second glance at his girl then turn around to tell her mom  "I think she needs some color on her face cause our little girl isn't so little"...and from that moment on, BLUSH became Rosy's best friend. 

Soon after she was introduced to the world of modeling and everyone knows what a big role makeup plays in the modeling industry. she went from wearing a simple brush of blush to wearing an array of colors on her face to create "the look".  She learned thanks to Alicia Facio everything that was a "must know" to be a model, how to walk, stand, shake hands, eat at a dinner table, and most important in her life...HOW TO PUT ON MAKEUP! Rosy went on to win the title of Miss Miami, Miss Florida Model Runway, Miss Bikini International, Miss Flower International, and fourth runner up in the Miss Hispanidad peagent. She also had the great opportunity to work with Sears, Liquid Yacht Wear - Ft. Lauderdale Fashion Week, Sabado Gigante, and several Venezuelan designers.

During her school days no matter if it was homecoming, prom, someone's quinces or wedding, her house was always packed with girlfriends that wanted  their makeup done. 

My passion for rosy cheeks as a child became her road to professional makeup today! and it is because of this passion for what she does best "Makeup" that she has become our Prefer Vendor and as a part of the family of Miami Wedding Planner Rosy Cheeks will help you make all your dreams come true on any way posible.

Feel free to contact us for Rosy Cheeks information or visit her blog at www.myrosycheeks.blogspot.com

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