Most of the brides keep a strict diet and change the eating habits months before the wedding to try to lose those extra pounds, specially in Miami but sometimes we still have a strange feeling that we are swollen specially around the waist line.   I know the last thing you want is to feel bloated as you walk down the aisle. This feeling is mostly caused by certain foods that should be cut down at least two weeks before the wedding.

Diet for Brides

Beans: They contain a type of sugar not digestible by the body and when this sugar hits the large intestine, bacteria try to break it down, producing an unfortunate byproduct gas. To keep the gas levels down, choose protein sources like chicken or fish instead.

Artificial Sweetener: Sugar alcohol, which is mostly found in diet sodas, sugar-free candy, and artificial sweeteners, is hard to digest for most people, leading to bloating and discomfort. Cut back on sweet stuff and you’ll find yourself feeling lighter and more energized.

 Junk Food: Pizza, doughnuts and fries, among others will only give you a temporary relief. Fatty foods slow down digestion, Cut down on it and you’ll be left feeling a little tighter around the waist.

Alcohol: I am sure you have felt very swollen the next morning after a lot of drinking. Sulfur-bearing gases and weakening the digestive system are some of the reasons why alcohol can have you feeling puffy.

Cruciferous Vegetables: We may think that eating vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, brussels sprouts, and broccoli is a very good thing, but not if you are aiming for a flat belly. Like beans, these cruciferous Veggies contain a sugar that is broken down in the body by methane-producing bacteria, resulting in a bloated feeling. Instead cut down on nutritionally dense veggies and eat them cooked to help to the break down the gas-producing sugar.

 Salty Foods: Just a Pinch! Salty foods should be off the table completely. Sodium causes you to retain water, try to stay under 2,300 mg per day.

Carbonated Beverages: Don’t drink soda, sparkling water, champagne and anything with bubbles.  Those bubbles are doing the same thing to your body. By releasing all that carbon dioxide, you’re left feeling gassy and bloated all at once.

 Dairy: Dairy is one of the more common food sensitivities there is, and not anyone can tolerate it, leading to bloating, gas, and cramps. Try to eliminate dairy products a week or two before the wedding with the exception of having small servings of plain Greek yogurt. The active cultures in Greek yogurt actually help the body digest more efficiently.

Chewing Gum: Many chewing gums containing bloat-inducing sugar alcohol.  Chewing on gum causes you to swallow more often, and by consequence an excess amount of air that goes straight to your belly, so next time you need to cool your breath, rich for a mint instead of a chewing gum.

Gluten: This is another type of food known to cause bloating, cramps, and gas in many people. Gluten doesn’t affect everyone in a negative way but to be safe, eliminate gluten one to two weeks before the wedding so you can see the effects on your digestive system but make sure to eat fiber from other source.

You can apply this advice to every event of your life, now my last advice is – take care of yourself and make sure you remember that even though this is a good advise to follow before your big day, you remember the real beauty is inside of you. It doesn’t matter if you are skinny or not so much, you will always be beautiful in God’s eyes!