I have been wanting to blog about this for quite some time.  This is the story of a gorgeous girl who has been a gift from GOD to us.

One night we took her to eat Sushi, she was thinking that we were having one of our “girls night out” and yes we were celebrating something she had no idea. As usual we had a blast! We all new ahead of time of the surprised she had coming.

The following day they all went to a cruise, just another cruise booked to spend with the kids of the family, little did she know!

At dinner time on board of the New Disney Cruise, in the Enchanted Garden like a prince he was desperate awaiting all the waitresses who came with a covered plate; She was complaining that it was not her birthday, she didn’t want to see the cake, but in reality she was getting a marriage proposal by the love of her life who is also ours.

YESSS! my brother is getting married and they and us couldn’t be happier. Rosy has been a true blessing for our family.

Rosy was crying so much that she couldn’t see the ring, moments after my sister started to show her videos we had prepare that sushi night with good wishes so she got even more surprise to know that for the first time we including her mom, did a good job keeping the secret from her. Even today is impossible to hold the tears of happiness.

She thinks she catch him but the truth is that we Catched her. I consider my self lucky to have her as my sister-in-law, we enjoy her company and look for it all the time, we are in love with her like my brother is, after all she is a gorgeous girl!

Can’t wait to start planning!

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